Rising out of the isolated city of Perth WA, Sleepfreak are a modern hard rock act proving to be a relentless force within the scene today. Incorporating soul moving grooves, blistering guitars and soaring vocals, Sleepfreak continually takes the genre to new heights captivating and enthralling audiences.

Consisting of members, Antoni Garac (Guitar / Vocals), Tom Haste (Bass / Vocals), Blake Rose (Guitar) and Daniel DaConceicao (Drums), this dynamic group over the years has gained invaluable musical experience and built a solid and respected name for themselves. They also had the awesome opportunity to gig with other kick-ass local acts such as Emerald City, Foul Play, Hail Mary and Trident Winter, to name but a few.

With the release of their self-titled EP in 2012, Sleepfreak received WAMI song of the year nomination for their track Sleazebag. The EP also was warmly received by many other critics including The Rockpit, who rated it 4.5/5 stars. In addition Spaceship News described the EP as "it simply rocks. Anyone who thinks rock is dead, is either deaf or hasn't head of these guys".

The recording came about after successfully winning the Best Original Band Competition in 2006 held at La Bog Inn. The band took on the very fortunate opportunity to work with the incredible late John Villani at Northbridge Sound Studios, where the early foundations of Sleepfreak had emerged. Despite the short time the band had with Villani before his unfortunate passing, his creative and inventive influence lay grace to some of the bass and drum tracks for the debut EP.

Left with the task of piecing everything together, the very talented and amazing Benji (Ben Morris) and Rosco (Ross Stewart) from Ampersonic Studios came to the rescue and made it possible for the project to be completed. Ampersonic Studios became the band's new home till mixing was complete. Taking the tracks to Shaun O'Callagham (Studio Couch) for mastering suited the style and energy the band was looking for. His passion and incredible ability to manipulate sound was felt by everyone, all before he too unfortunately passed away. Both Shaun and John will be greatly missed by all.

With their thunderous sound, release of their self-titled EP, tours and video release in the midst Sleepfreak are ready to take on the nation head-first.